Residential Yoga Program

Offering basic amenities to your residents is one thing, but providing yoga classes will give you an extra edge. There are a lot of apartment communities in the Hampton Roads area, and more and more of them are offering yoga to their residents as an extra perk. Offering yoga means you care about the health and wellness of your residents. It is also an inexpensive investment for the return--more leases and resident retention! As you know, when residents are happy with their living arrangements, they are more likely to stay in one place! 


Why have a live yoga instructor?

Going to a studio, talking with the instructor, getting tips to suit their personal practice, and experiencing the community and friendship of neighbors is a GREAT reason to have a live yoga instructor.

What's included? 

  • A certified, registered, and insured instructor with over 7 years of yoga knowledge and 3 years of teaching experience

  • Vigorous power flow or relaxing and slow vinyasa

  • Music

  • Reliability & Consistency


1 hour-long yoga class - $60


Getting started is easy!

Just call or email us directly!